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Three bedrooms villa luxuriously appointed split level apartment and lies within the beautifully maintained tropical garden surrounds of the Maan Tawan Estate - a beachfront housing development located on Phuket’s 7km white sandy stretch know as Bang Tao Bay. 

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Tips to Spend Luxurious Vacation in Phuket

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phuket vacationPhuket is one of the famous island in Thailand which located around the Andaman sea. Phuket is a well known tourist destination with warm weather all year round. This island can be your destination for having a family vacation, golf vacation, romantic vacation or shopping vacation.

But did you knew that Phuket can also be your destination of luxurious vacation? How to get luxurious vacation in Phuket? Here how.

1. Buy a beach front villa in Phuket. Beachfront villas in Phuket can range from a bargain to expensive. Though some of the beachfront properties here considered cheap but it will have about the same beauty as the most luxurious ones. Just look for area which is less famous in Phuket you will get a beachfront villa considerably in more affordable price tag.

2. If buying a villa is not your option then rent one. Renting a beach front villa on your vacation in Phuket is the best option to have more privacy on your vacation. The price will be not more expensive than an all inclusive package in a hotel. Instead of having to pay tax and services for every meal your take or having to eat bufffet food everyday, on private villa you can cook your own meal or have someone do it for you. Try Villa Baan Kata Keeree.

3. Charter a luxury yacht. If you want to be more in style then just book a private yacht. There are many affordable option of luxury yacht in Phuket and one oof them could be match with your needs and your budget. The wonderful thing about Phuket is no matter what is your budget, preferences and other requirements, there is someone who will be able to provide exactly what are you looking for.

4. Contact Phuket vacation specialist , you can done this by going online. Just search what are the things you need to have and do in Phuket, however iit is a lot easier if you have the Phuket vacation specialist to do it for you. This will save you time and money because they will do some of the serious work and effor to plan a luxurious vacation for you.


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