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Kata Gardens is a collection of contemporary apartments for rent, including one, two and three bedroom apartments as well as luxurious penthouses with rooftop plunge pools, in one of Phuket's most desirable locations at Kata Beach.

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As a vacation destination in Asia the island of Phuket is the largest island in Thailand; it stretches 48 km and 21 km wide. This beautiful island is located on the southern side of Thailand. Phuket Island faces Andaman Sea on the west coastline and it is connected to the southern part of Phang Nga Province by two strong bridges. This is one of the best tourist attraction sites in Thailand hence it has some of the most crowded beaches. Phuket Island is divided into four regions.

The Western Phuket region is the most known part of Phuket in the world. With its fine beaches, Western Phuket beaches are always filled with tourists from all over the world who come to enjoy the calm tropical weather of the Phuket. One of the places in Western Phuket that is very popular with visitors is the Patong region where people come to party and have fun.

The other part is the Southeastern Phuket. This part is worth a trip when one comes to Phuket; its beaches are not as good as those in Western Phuket but they worth it. It is mostly used as a harbor for boats. The third part is the Interior Phuket, apart from the popularity of Phuket Town; this region is hardly known to visitors. It consists of fishing villages, mangrove forests, pineapple and rubber plantations, shrimp farms and Muslim communities. If you want to get away from the crowd of tourist you can visit the Phra Taew National Park.

The other less famous region of the Phuket Island is the Phang Nga Bay which is mostly known for its limestone cliffs, fishing villages, mangroves, caves, and the famous James Bond Island. These regions are highly attractive and can give any holiday seeker a holiday to remember. Phuket is certainly the best destination in Asia.

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